AXT Exhibiting at SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices and Applications 2013

AXT Pty Ltd, a leading Australian supplier of scientific equipment will be exhibiting at the SPIE Micro+Nano Materials, Devices and Applications conference at RMIT in Melbourne this week. The event will be focussing on areas such as biomaterials and biological microdevices, micro and nanofluidics, photonics, fabrication, metrology, solar cell technologies, plasmonics, MEMS/NEMS, and nanomaterials.

AXT have a host products that are suited to the preparation, analysis and characterisation of micro and nanomaterials that they will be promoting at the event.

Headlining AXT’s product range for this audience are the TESCAN scanning electron microscopes which feature unmatched price to performance ratios and sub-nanometer resolution. Their range includes thermionic, FEG-SEMs, FIB-SEMs and the world’s first integrated Xe-plasma source FIB-SEM. Available with a range of detectors and chamber sizes, TESCAN can tailor a system to suit your analytical requirements.

If any sample preparation is required prior to electron microscope examination, AXT can offer solutions from Fischione who manufacture ion mills suited to both SEM and TEM applications. Fischione ion mills operate at low energies reducing the chance of amorphization, implantation or redeposition, ensuring your samples maintain their integrity. With models featuring automated operation, plasma cleaning, reactive ion etching and ion beam sputter coating, you will be well placed to prepare samples that can most effectively reveal their inner-most secrets. Fischione can also provide a range of tomography holders, conventional sample preparation equipment, contamination solutions and annular dark field detectors to maximise your chances of carrying out detailed and accurate characterisations.

They will be running live demonstrations of the Hirox KH-8700 digital zoom microscope which features the ability to build 3D images which can reveal small but significant details with the touch of a button. It is also one of the only microscopes on the market to feature frame capture rates and the required resolution to be able to output live video in full 1080 high definition.

Other product ranges that AXT will be promoting at SPIE include the Nanophoton laser Raman microscopes which are amongst the fastest on the market and provide chemical component distributions at a sub-micron level.

For more information on any of these product ranges, stop by the AXT stand at SPIE or visit

Posted December 9, 2013