AXT Bring ISENET Automated Tissue Microarray Products to Australia

AXT is pleased to announce that it has now added tissue microarray products from Integrated Systems Engineering (ISENET) to their product portfolio. This new product line fits perfectly with existing biobanking products from TTP Labtech and OpenSpecimen.

ISENET are a leading manufacturer of tissue microarrayers. These innovative instruments enable the generation of hundreds of representative tissue samples that can then be simultaneously analysed using a variety of analytical techniques such as molecular biology or slide scanning technology. These tissue arrays are a valuable technique to enable cancer research, biomarker validation, digital pathology and stem cell research. Diagnostics applications (common and rare cancer diagnosis) are also enhanced by this technique.

The tissue microarrays allow the processing of large numbers of samples (tissues and cells). This in turn enables the rapid translation of results from research into clinical practice by permitting large research studies to be carried out using stored pathology samples where there are known diagnoses and clinical outcomes.

ISENET’s range of tissue microarrayers products are semi-automatic computer assisted integrated platforms. These systems provide medical researchers a reliable and accurate sampling system that is more effective than fully automated systems. The family of systems has been designed to meet a range of capabilities and budgets.

Dr. Pasquale De Blasio, ISENET Managing Director commented, “We are excited about partnering with AXT who have a strong presence in life science and medical research. We know that there is a lot of fantastic medical research happening in Australia and we hope that our tissue microarray systems will help accelerate research into many serious diseases leading to new treatments.”

AXT’s Managing Director, Richard Trett said of the new partnership, “the addition of ISENET’s product line neatly fills a gap in our product portfolio and helps us to offer complete solutions. We look forward to increased involvement in Australia’s medical research community and pride ourselves on being able to offer cutting edge solutions to help increase our understanding of diseases like cancer and accelerating the development of potential cures for such debilitating illnesses.”

AXT will be be exhibiting ISENET’s tissue microarrayers and their other biobanking solutions at the Australian Biospecimen Network Association (ABNA) meeting from October 13-14 in Adelaide. They will also be hosting the Second AXT Biobanking Workshop on October 12 to coincide with this event.

Posted June 27, 2016

ISENET CK4500 Tissue Microarrayer

The Galileo CK4500 tissue microarrayer (TMA) from ISENET.

(Click here to download a high resolution image.)

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