AXT Add Alvéole’s Unique Cell Biology Platform to Their Life Science Portfolio

AXT is proud to announce the addition of Alvéole and their unique bioengineering platform for cell biology to their cutting-edge product portfolio. The Alvéole platform allows you to convert your existing microscope into an automated bioengineering system for the engineering of smart cell culture substrates.

Mouse teratocarcinoma cells plated on fibronectin micropatterns.

Alvéole is a French based manufacturer specialising in designing tools for engineering more reliable and reproducible in vitro cell microenvironments. This allows researchers working in areas such as proteins and drug discovery to take control of the cellular microenvironment by giving them improved control over experimental conditions. In doing so, they can produce in vivo-like environments that accelerate cell biology research by producing cell studies with increased relevance.

Their platform can be retrofitted to existing or new inverted light microscopes allowing you to study precise cellular interactions in your laboratory. Cells can be imaged under complex and closely controlled environments that are easily reproducible, making it an ideal biological research tool.

Recent expansion of the portfolio also the Alvéole micropatterning system to be used to precisely pattern cellular location of TEM grids, expanding the ease of use in cryo-electron microscopy imaging and analysis.

Alvéole was founded in 2010 by a team of industry experts who recognised the need for a new in vitro model that more accurately mimics in vivo conditions and thus, accelerate the research and development pathway. Bringing together expertise is in bioengineering, cellular imaging and nanostructures and nanofabrication, Alvéole was formed. Their work to date has culminated in their platform which involves a micropatterning technique that results in cell studies with increased relevance and ease-of-use.

Hélène Delobel, Sales Operation Manager said, “The Alvéole platform is a unique and intuitive tool that can orchestrate, organise and control the cellular environment that results in an in vitro model that better mimics in vivo conditions. We are very proud of our technology and our new distribution agreement with AXT”.

Richard Trett, Managing Director at AXT replied, “Alvéole’s innovative platform has synergies with our existing protein and microscopy product lines and we see great potential for it in areas such as biotherapeutics and Cryo-electron microscopy.”

For more information on Alvéole’s bioengineering platform or indeed any of AXT’s protein or microscopy product lines, please click here.