Model 110 – Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 110 Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher include:

  • Electrolytic polishing or chemical etching
  • Simultaneous two-sided polishing
  • No induced artefacts
  • Easily adjustable flow rate, jet and specimen positions
  • Reliable, accurate termination

High-Quality Thin Foils For TEM

Electrolytic thinning of conductive materials is an effective method of quickly producing specimens for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) without any induced artefacts. Fischione’s Model 110 Twin-Jet Electropolisher, uses twin jets to simultaneously polish both sides of the sample. By polishing from both sides, electron transparent specimens can be produced within a few minutes. The electropolisher features easily adjustable electrolyte flow, polishing voltage, termination detection sensitivity, and jet and specimen holder positions.

Integrated Operations

The electropolisher consists of the electrolyte pump and motor, jet assemblies, specimen holder, fibre optic assemblies (including the light source and photocell detector), and a box that holds a glass dish for the electrolyte. Either the Model 120 Automatic Power Control or the Model 140 Digital Power Control provides complete electronic support for the electropolisher and alerts the user at the completion of the process.