Automatic Fluxer for XRF, ICP and AA Sample Preparation – X-600 from Katanax

The X-600 is a next-generation electric fusion machine designed for preparing samples for analysis by XRF, AA or ICP. It’s accuracy, automated operation, high-throughput rates and robust construction make it the ideal solution for industrial testing laboratories, minesite labs and university labs.

Key Features

Key features of the Katanax X-600 include:

  • High performance furnace
    • Clean electric power – no combustion gases from the heating source
    • Heating elements impervious to flux
    • No exposed metal inside the furnace
    • Rapid heat up for faster processing
  • High sample throughput rates
  • Safety interlocks on the shield protect the operator
  • Rugged industrial designed hardware
  • Low noise during heating, melting and standby cycles
  • Easy to clean ceramic mould holders that are inert for fluxes
  • Mould holders cater for 30, 32, 35 or 40mm moulds
  • Extraction chimneys above each crucible allow optimal extraction of gases
  • Industrial LCD touchscreen user interface with adjustable viewing angle
  • USB interface for firmware upgrades

High Throughput

The X-600 has high sample throughput rates to keep pace with the demands of industrial testing labs and on-site minerals analysis. It can process 6 samples at once and up to 30 samples per hour.

High Precision Electric Furnace

The electric furnace allows precision control of heating profiles. Using Dynamic Temperature Profile (DTP, patent pending) and individual element compensation, you can be assured of the most homogenous temperature profiles and distributions. This in turn produces more consistent samples and the most accurate analytical results.


The X-600’s robust design caters for the most demanding laboratory environment. Some of the key features that contribute to this include the industrial grade motors and electronics that were selected to deal with continuous operation in mind.

The X-600 has also been designed to be self-calibrating, making the instrument for user-friendly.

Easy Operation

The intuitive touchscreen LCD user interface features a simple icon-based operating system that guides the user through set up and programming. It also includes a range of pre-loaded fusion programs (such as oxide, solution, metal peroxide and ramping) that are suited to the vast majority of sample types. They can be easily customised to suit the needs of your specific samples.

AA and ICP Sample Preparation

The X-600 can be optioned with the a variable speed solution stirrer that can process up to 6 beakers simultaneously for preparation of ICP and AA samples.


As mentioned the X-600 automatic fluxer is suited to preparing samples for analytrical techniques such as XRF, AA and ICP. It is suited to sample types including:
Katanax X-600 automated fusion machine

  • Ceramics
  • Cement
  • Alloys
  • Slags
  • Minerals
  • Glass
  • Soil

Video Demonstration

Voltage240V (single phase)
Max. Power4000W
Circuit Breaker20A (built in)

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