comPOUND – Automated Modular Sample Vial Storage

comPOUND offers an automated, high speed, modular vial storage solution for samples from ambient down to -20°C. Microtubes or vials are stored in a hermetically sealed chamber that allows for high-speed cherry-picking.

Key Features

  • Reliability – design based on well-proven and robust pneumatic technology
  • Modularity – each unit is a self-contained temperature-controlled inert environment
  • High density – storage capacity of 200,000 x 0.5mL tubes, 100,000 x 1.4mL tubes or a mixture tube sizes
  • Scalability – Additional modules can be added to deal with expanding libraries, each with independent cherry-picking abilities
  • Speed – fast cherry-picking e.g. picks up to 600 tubes per hour
  • Linking additional modules – increased sample throughput as they work independently in parallel delivering to a single point
  • Flexibility – samples are stored at user-defined temperatures and microtubes can be retrieved in any user-specified format for further processing
  • Confidence – each microtube is 2D-bar coded for full sample traceability
  • Ease of use – simple user interface allows integration into any LIMS database

The comPOUND Modular Sample Storage System -20°C, +4°C or Ambient

comPOUND Biostorage Solutions at Compounds Australia

High-Density Biobanking Solution

Automated, Easy Access Sample Storage Solution

Vial Storage/Retrieval Mechanism for compound

comPOUND Modular Biological Storage Units at Compounds Australia

Compounds Australia, formerly Queensland Compound Library, is an Australian national resource, located at the Eskitis Institute, Griffith University, that allows chemists to deposit small molecules into a central repository for access by biomedical, chemical biology and biology research teams.

Compounds Australia actively sources small molecules, such as synthetic compounds, pure natural products and natural product extracts from the Australian chemistry research community and consolidates these samples into a central repository.

Since 2008 they have earned a reputation as an enabler of collaborative research between Australian chemists and biologists. The business changed its name in 2014 reflecting an ambition to further grow the its national and international reach.

The collection is maintained under rigorous storage conditions to maximise compound integrity for extended periods. To achieve this, Compounds Australia has employed a suite of 5 TTP Labtech comPOUND biostore repositories. This gives them the ability to store up to 600,000 samples at temperatures as low as -18°C in a dark, dry nitrogen atmosphere ensuring they maintain sample integrity for more than 5 years.

This is the largest installation of comPOUND biostores in the southern hemisphere. These particular units were chosen for their compact size, large storage acapacity and sample management capabilities. Rapid access to samples is enhanced by the TTP Labtech comPANION which increases automation and allows easy access to samples in 4 of the comPOUND storage units. All these factors are crucial factors that allow Compounds Australia to supply samples quickly, efficiently and at low cost.

For more details about Compounds Australia contact Moana Simpson.

TTP Labtech comPOUND biostorage units at Compounds Australia

Modular comPOUND biostorage units at Compounds Australia.

TTP Labtech comPANION at Compounds Australia

comPANION remove delivery system.

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