Big Tuna – Automated Buffer Exchange Platform

Unleash yourself from manual buffer exchange

Buffer exchange is a tedious, time-consuming manual process. Big Tuna automates this entire process with increased accuracy and repeatability.

It caters for up to 96 protein formulations at once and handles large and small volumes with high precision.

Capabilities at a Glance

  • 1–96 formulations
  • 1–192 mL sample
  • 30 min hands-on time
  • Up to 200 mg/mL protein

Large or Small Volume Experiments

To suit your specific needs, Big Tuna has 2 plate options:

  • Unfilter 96 – 96 samples with sample volume as low as 100µL
  • Unfilter 24 – 24 samples with sample volume up to 8mL

well plates for big tuna automated buffer exchange platformAutomated Consistency

Using a unique pressure-based UF/DF technique and gentle mixing BIG Tuna ensures uniform buffer exchange across your plate. Big Tuna automatically figures out how much buffer to add by tracking every sample’s exchange rate. The level in each well is measured before and after each operation using an acoustic sensor.

Total Experimental Control

Big Tuna gives you total control over your experiments. The software interface allows you program your experiments and walk away while it takes care of the rest.

It caters for different proteins by taking it slower for delicate proteins and allowing you to accelerate with more robust proteins. Either way, Big Tuna maximises your efficiency producing the final protein concentrations faster so you can progress to the next stage of research more quickly.


The system will also guide you through the experimental set up, making even first time users feel like experts. The software wizard let’s you drag and drop your proteins, tells you where to put everything and how much buffer you will need. You can then walk away and let Big Tuna take care of the rest. The visual display shows you where you buffer exchange is up to with each sample and how much time is left to run at any time.

Unchained Labs Big Tuna automated buffer exchange software interface

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