Differentiating Steel Alloys Based on Carbon Content – 316 vs 316L vs 316H Stainless Steel

  • 316 Stainless steel differentiation using LIBS

    The ability to accurately identify steel alloys can be critical in engineering applications. Using the incorrect alloy in a fabricated structure could potentially lead to premature failure with potentially fatal consequences. In some instances, alloys can only be accurately identified using carbon content. Herein, we demonstrate the ability of the SciAps Z200C+ to be able to differentiate the stainless steel alloys 316, 316L (low carbon) and 316H (high carbon), based on their carbon contents.

    This application note covers:

    • Background
    • Conventional Methods for Determining Carbon Content of Steels
    • Determining Carbon Content of Steel Using Handheld LIBS
    • How Does LIBS Work
    • Advantages of Handheld LIBS