Carbon Analysis in Low-Alloy and Carbon Steels with Handheld LIBS

  • SciAps Handheld LIBS analyser

    Presented here is a method to analyse carbon content in low alloy and carbon steels, utilising the technique of handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (HH LIBS). The method specifies the SciAps Z-200, the world’s only handheld analyser capable of analysing carbon content in alloys. The Z-200 uses a pulsed, 1064 nm laser, operating at 5.5 mJ/pulse and 50 Hz repetition rate. The onboard spectrometer spans 190 nm – 620 nm, with resolution < 0.13 nm in the 193 nm range of the carbon line utilised. The analyser also uses an on-board, user replaceable argon purge gas. The argon canister, located in the handle, provides about 600 tests before requiring replacement.

    Topics covered in this application note include:

    • The Carbon App Overview
    • Performance Summary
      • Calibration and Precision Data
      • Calibration to Carbon Steel Sub-types, When to Use it
    • Case Study: Separate 4130 from 4140 Low Alloy Steels
    • Carbon Steel Example
      • Single-standard Type Calibration
      • Analysis of Real-world Materials
    • Method
    • Summary