About AXT

AXT Pty Ltd (AXT) was established in 1991.  The company has its origin in manufacturing x-ray tubes that are at the heart of all XRF equipment.  Over the years, AXT has expanded its tube range to include tubes that are compatible with most models offered by all major manufacturers of XRF equipment.  AXT’s own tubes are distributed internationally.

Building on their expertise as x-ray tube manufacturers, AXT began distributing XRF and XRD equipment from Rigaku. Since that time, AXT have vastly expanded our range of products and is now one of Australia and New Zealand’s premier distributors of scientific instruments, representing several leading global manufacturers and numerous other innovative manufacturers of high-end scientific equipment and related products. We currently represent over 20 instrument manufacturers and software providers. Our range is constantly expanding with new products from existing supplier as well as new suppliers of complimentary products being added.

AXT also houses Australia’s most comprehensive demonstration laboratory for high end analytical instruments. We welcome visits to test drive any of the equipment that we currently have on display. Read more.

If you are involved in scientific research, there is a good chance we will have products of interest to you!

AXT’s Product Range

AXT’s product range can be separated into 6 main categories:

  1. Materials Science – AXT offer a comprehensive array of sample preparation and analytical solutions sourced from internationally renowned suppliers across the globe which employ the most recent technological advances to ensure our customers are getting the fastest and most accurate solutions.
  2. Life Science – AXT offers a range of solutions for crystallography, antibody development and imaging (3D live cell and Preclinical). In addition, AXT provides a suite of sample preparation systems, including cryogenic homogenisation and automated liquid handling, as well as hardware and software for sample management.
  3. Preclinical Imaging – AXT offer solutions for transgenic medicine aiding the development of treatments and cures for diseases like cancer. We can supply imaging equipment that utilise modalities such as MRI, PET, SPECT, CT, FLECT and photoacoustic CT as well as software for data and image management.
  4. Mining and Minerals – AXT, through their extensive range of suppliers are able to supply individual instruments or tailored packages for the analysis of mineral samples. These range from in-field, to portable container labs to dedicated laboratories and suit detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  5. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) – AXT offers a complete line of radiographic NDT solutions form radiographic generators, to digital detectors and x-ray film through to computed tomography.
  6. X-Ray Tubes – AXT distributes replacement x-ray tubes for analytical, medical and non-destructive testing and inspection equipment.
  7. Servicing and Maintenance – AXT provides service and maintenance for a wide range of scientific instruments regardless of make or model. We have highly skilled engineers located across the country to cater for emergency situations or routine preventative maintenance.

Materials Science

AXT have comprehensive range of sample preparation and analytical instruments for the materials science market. We cover a wide array of analytical technologies from x-ray diffraction (XRD) and x-ray fluorescence (XRF), scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and focused ion beams (FIB), microanalaysis, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), advanced 3D digital microscopes with real time HD video output and laser raman microscopes to cater for high-end imaging requirements in materials science and nanotechnology. We can also offer systems such as manipulators, injectors, probes and stages to add to the analytical capabilities of these instruments as well as a host of sample preparation instruments from ion mills to fusion bead machines to sample presses.

Life Science

AXT has a comprehensive range of products for life science research.  Our range includes sample preparation and management solutions via cryogenic homogenisation systems for nucleic acid, protein and metabolite extraction as well as hardware for automated sample storage and software for sample database management. Further sample preparation includes automated liquid handling platforms for assay development and screening, as well as protein crystallography setup. In the protein field, we offer products to aid in antibody engineering, as well as a range of x-ray diffraction systems for structural determination. Our large imaging and microscopy range allows users to look inside life, with holographic microscopy systems for 3D live cell imaging. Further to that, we also offer an innovative correlative microcopy solution combining optical and SEM microscopy techniques to provide simultaneous structural and functional information.

Preclinical Imaging

AXT’s life science product portfolio is complimented by high end solutions for Preclinical Imaging, providing innovative systems such as CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, photoacoustic CT and FLECT as well as sophisticated software solutions for management of images and data.

Mining and Minerals

Whether it is for exploration or quality control purposes, AXT has a range of solutions suited to on-site or dedicated testing laboratories. From selective fragmentation and milling, all the way through to the analysis of compounds and chemical composition or even automated SEM-based minerals analysers, AXT is able to provide solutions to suit your requirements.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Leveraging on in-house x-ray expertise, AXT also supplies a comprehensive suite of products for NDT radiographic testing. These include x-ray generators, industrial x-ray film and linear and flat panel detectors for the inspection of such things as metal castings and oil and gas pipelines. This range is complemented by stress analysers, x-ray microscopes, computed tomography systems and other microscopy solutions that can all be used for quality control, asset integrity monitoring, etc.

X-Ray Tubes

With origins in x-ray tube manufacture, AXT continues to supply replacement x-ray tubes for analytical, medical and non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection applications. Regardless of brand, AXT works with all major x-ray tube manufacturers to source the best solutions for the instrument and application. For more details visit our dedicated X-ray tube site, www.axtxraytubes.com.

Servicing and Maintenance

Support and service is a core business for AXT. AXT purchased the Australian Division of Kiss Industrial & Scientific Pty Ltd – formerly the Siemens/Bruker Sales and Service Agency, Sietronics Services Pty Ltd – in 2005 and it is now fully integrated it into our business. The Servicing and Maintenance division serves as an important back up to AXT’s sales of x-ray related and scientific equipment as well as providing service and preventative maintenance for all other brands and models.

AXT is now one of the largest and longest established X-ray analytical service companies in Australia and New Zealand.

AXT’s network of experienced, specialist Field Engineers are based throughout Australia to provide fast, professional support for not only Rigaku, but Siemens/Bruker, Philips/PAN, ARL, Oxford and all other major brands of XRF and XRD analysers.  A team of technical and administrative personnel work closely with the Field Engineers to ensure timely repairs and maintenance as well as supply of spare parts.