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The latest news from AXT and our suppliers.

March 20, 2019Surface Science Capabilities of University of Sydney Nanoresearchers Taken to the Next Level
February 20, 2019Ultra-High Resolution TESCAN S8000X Xe Plasma FIB-SEM Destined for QUT
January 24, 2019AXT add ELEMISSION High Throughput LIBS Analysis to their Minerals Analysis Portfolio
December 11, 2018China’s First TIMA-X Installed at Peking University – Geology DepartmentTescan electron microscopes
November 26, 2018AXT to Bring LUMICKS Dynamic Single-Molecule Instruments to Australian Researchers
October 24, 2018AXT Offer Phi Optics Quantitative Phase Imaging Upgrades for Your Existing Light Microscopes
October 17, 2018University of Sydney First to Install a 6th Generation MiniFlex XRD in Australia
October 10, 2018TESCAN Launch S9000X – Their Flagship Xe Plasma FIB-SEM
October 8, 2018Unchained Labs Release the First Product to Combine Protein Concentration & Size Measurements
October 4, 2018Museum of Natural History Berlin Providing Live CT Scans with Yxlon FF35Yxlon radiography products
October 3, 2018DENSsolutions Launch Stream Liquid + Heating or Biasing in situ TEM Platforms
August 23, 2018Intertek Help Develop and Adopt Orbis Crusher Technology
July 16, 2018Westmead gets Super Resolution Imaging Capabilities and More
July 12, 2018Cutting Edge Small Molecule XRD System Installed at the University of Melbourne
June 4, 2018YXLON NDT Equipment Allows Safe Inspection of Explosive Components
May 8, 2018Lyncean Technologies Inc. Closes $13.75 Million Funding with a Syndicate Including Intel Capital
April 30, 2018Automated Liquid Handling Robot Accelerates Research into Next Generation Protein-Based Therapeutics
April 2, 2018Rigaku Introduces Newest SmartLab Intelligent XRD (X-ray Diffraction) SystemRigaku
March 28, 2018UWA Researchers Get State-of-the-Art System to Study Protein Crystallography
January 22, 2018AXT Bring Unique NANOPSIS Super Resolution Microscopy to Australia
December 4, 2017DENSsolutions Heating Things Up for In Situ TEM Studies
November 27, 2017First arktic Biospecimen Storage System in the Southern Hemisphere Installed at Griffith UniversityAXT Logo
November 20, 2017University of Queensland to get Unique Single Crystal DiffractometerAXT Logo
October 16, 2017 Kleindiek Nanomanipulator Enables UNSW Researchers to Probe the Inner Workings of Cells
October 10, 2017The First System for Determining Biologic Stability and Predicting Aggregation
September 27, 2017Haynes International to Replace Global Fleet of Handheld XRFs with SciAps X-300’s
September 25, 2017New Surface Analysis System from Thermo Scientific Integrates Multiple TechniquesThermo scientific Logo
September 4, 2017New Rigaku XRD for The University of AucklandAXT Logo
September 1, 2017Lyncean Compact Light Source at TUM Facilitates Groundbreaking Biomedical Imaging ResearchLyncean Technologies Compact Light Source
August 8, 2017Rigaku Introduces New Simultaneous WDXRF System for High-Throughput AnalysisRigaku Logo
August 1, 2017Rigaku Introduce NANOPIX Mini Benchtop SAXS InstrumentRigaku Logo
July 31, 2017Rigaku Introduces New ZSX Primus 400 WDXRF Spectrometer for Large and Heavy SamplesRigaku Logo
July 20, 2017TESCAN Launch Next Generation FIB-SEMAXT Logo
June 29, 2017Unchained Labs Acquire Trinean - Manufacturers of DNA, RNA and Protein QC
June 14, 2017AXT Brings Sigray’s Revolutionary X-Ray Technology to Australia & New ZealandAXT Logo
June 7, 2017Automated Mineralogy Incubator Aids Technology AdoptionAXT Logo
June 1, 2017Rigaku Release 6th Generation MiniFlex Benchtop XRDRigaku Logo
May 9, 2017Super-Resolution Nanoimager Used for the Biophysics Study of Protein MachinesOxford Nanoimaging Logo
May 8, 2017Microprobe Performance at UTas Enhanced with Thermo Scientific EDS SystemAXT Logo
April 27, 2017High Flux XRD to Help UNSW Researchers Remain at the ForefrontAXT Logo
April 19, 2017University of Auckland Crystallographers to Benefit from State-of-Art TechnologyAXT Logo
April10, 2017Rigaku Launches the SmartLab SE Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer with Built-in Intelligent GuidanceRigaku Logo
March 14, 2017Lyncean Technologies Signs AXT Pty Ltd as Representative in Australia and New ZealandAXT Logo
March 8, 2017AXT Bring Revolutionary Super Resolution Single Molecule Microscope to Australia and NZAXT Logo
February 14, 2017First TESCAN SEM Installation Dedicated to Life Science in AustraliaAXT Logo
January 30, 2017Varian Announces Successful Separation of Imaging Components Business – Varex Imaging
November 22, 2016MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology & Infection Use Nanomimager to Help Fight DiseaseOxford nanoimaging
November 16, 2016AXT Brings Industry Leading Handheld XRF and LIBS Systems to AustraliaAXT Logo
November 15, 2016QUT Adds Microstructural and Chemical Analysis Capabilities with TESCAN MIRA PurchaseAXT Logo
November 9, 2016Handheld LIBS Used to Quantify Lithium Content in Soils for the First Time EverSciAps Logo
October 17, 2016AXT Named Nanolive’s Distributor of the Year

AXT Logo
September 20, 2016Game Changing Unchained Labs Biologics Research Tools Available from AXTAXT Logo
August 10, 2016Selective Fragmentation Proves Invaluable for GeochronologyAXT Logo
August 8, 2016What’s Better than One SmartLab Diffractometer? Two!AXT Logo
August 3, 2016Researchers Investigate the Toxicity of Nanoparticles Using Tomographic MicroscopyAXT Logo
August 1, 2016CSIRO Enhance Minerals Analysis Capabilities with 9kW X-Ray DiffractometerAXT Logo
July 28, 2016Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication Adds Cutting Edge Nanolithography Capability
AXT Logo
July 28, 2016Rigaku Announces the XtaLAB mini II Benchtop Chemical Crystallography SystemRigaku
July 25, 2016Imaging Technology Partnership Accelerates Biomedical Research in AustraliaMR Solutions Preclinical MRI systems
July 21, 2016TESCAN Raise the Bar in Ultra-High Resolution Electron MicroscopyTescan electron microscopes
July 19, 2016MR Solutions receives Queen’s Award for Enterprise at Buckingham PalaceMR Solutions Preclinical MRI systems
June 20, 2016Residual Stress Analysis Used to Optimise Service Life of ComponentsTescan electron microscopes
June 20, 2016TESCAN Introduce Imaging Technology with Resolution Down to 0.7nmMR Solutions Preclinical MRI systems
June 8, 2016XYLON Launch Smart EVO 200P and 300P Panoramic Tube HeadsYxlon radiography products
June 7, 2016Electron Microscope Manufacturer TESCAN Celebrate 25 Years of Steady GrowthTescan electron microscopes
May 20, 2016Nanolive Win De Vigier Prize for Swiss Made Groundbreaking TechnologiesNanolive live cell imaging
May 19, 2016TESCAN VEGA SEM – Geological Workhorse at The University of Western AustraliaAXT Logo
May 16, 2016AXT Expands Reach into Foods and Oils Markets with LAIX TechnologiesAXT Logo
May 5, 2016AXT Install Australia’s First High Speed Simultix 14 XRF SpectrometerAXT Logo
April 29, 2016SwithLitho Install First NanoFrazor in AsiaSwissLitho Logo Rapid Nanofabrication- Lithography
April 21, 2016Preclinical MRI Manufacturer MR Solutions wins Queen’s Award for EnterpriseMR Solutions Preclinical MRI systems
April 18, 2016 Yxlon Y.XPO Tube Head Proves Valuable for Asset Management at IntertekAXT Logo
April 5, 2016AXT Brings inviCRO’s Preclinical Medical Imaging Products to AustraliaAXT Logo
April 4, 2016Rigaku Oxford Diffraction (ROD) Release XtaLAB Synergy, A New Single Crystal DiffractometerRigaku
March 21, 2016AXT Win Competitive Tender to Supply Two Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometers to Queensland University of TechnologyAXT Logo
March 1, 2016Lewin-Cameron Laboratory at the Doherty Institute Implement OpenSpecimen Bioinformatics Platform to Manage Biospecimen LibraryAXT Logo
March 1, 2016New Tube-Above WDXRF Spectrometer from Rigaku features Advanced Guidance System and Automatic Application SetupRigaku
February 22, 2016Monash University Opens Advanced Cathodoluminescence Characterisation FacilityAXT Logo
January 18, 2016AXT Bring Unique Rapid Nanofabrication Technology to AustraliaAXT Logo
January 13, 2016Hirox Magnifies Their Advantage with the RH-2000 3D Digital MicroscopeAXT Logo
December 14, 2015Extend the Capabilities of Your TEM with a DENSsolutions in situ TEM SystemAXT Logo
November 19, 2015Geomechanics Researchers Call on AXT Expertise to Help Solve the Mysteries of Granular Materials FlowAXT Logo
November 16, 2015Another High-Powered X-Ray Diffractometer Destined for AustraliaAXT Logo
November 10, 2015Katanax X-600 Automated Fusion Machine Performs Faultlessly During Intense TrialAXT Logo
October 30, 2015YXLON Launch Water-Cooled Tube-Heads for Demanding NDT ApplicationsAXT Logo
October 28, 2015Australian Researchers to Use TESCAN SEM to Improve Carbon Capture TechnologiesAXT Logo
September 24, 2015Full-Featured SEM with Bench Top Price Installed at AXTAXT Logo
September 21, 2015Multi-Modal X-Ray Microscope and Micro-CT with Bragg Magnifier Based on Rigaku X-Ray GeneratorAXT Logo
September 7, 2015LMATS Use Rigaku Tube Heads to Prevent Premature FailureAXT Logo
September 1, 2015 Rigaku Announces the NANOHUNTER II Benchtop Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) SpectrometerRigaku Logo
August 25, 2015AXT Partner to Bring Nanolive’s Live Cell Imaging Platform to Australia and New ZealandAXT Logo
August 3, 2015TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING Acquires Charged Particle Optics Applications Software Developer AppFiveTescan Logo
July 28, 2015TESCAN FIB/SEM Commissioned at Curtin UniversityAXT Logo
July 15, 2015AXT to Keep Stock of Fujifilm Industrial X-Ray Film in PerthAXT Logo
July 2, 2015Yxlon Launch SMART EVO 225DS & 300DS - Small Focal Spot Radiographic GeneratorsAXT Logo
June 15, 2015Rigaku Introduces High-Performance, Direct Excitation EDXRF Elemental Analyser for Field, Plant or LaboratoryRigaku Logo
May 27, 2015Nissan Invests in Quality with Yxlon Computed Tomography SystemAXT Logo
May 25, 2015AXT to Distribute OpenSpecimen Biobanking Software SolutionAXT Logo
April 27, 2015TESCAN Release Q-Phase Multimodal Holographic MicroscopeTescan Logo
April 27, 2015Yxlon SMART EVO Radiographic Generators Win Red Dot Award 2015 for Product DesignAXT Logo
March 10, 2015First Onsite SEM-Based Automated Minerals Analysis System in AustraliaAXT Logo
February 19, 2015AXT Extend Nanotechnology Offerings to Include NT-MDT AFM SolutionsAXT Logo
February 13, 2015AXT Adds TriFoil Imaging Products to Their Preclinical Imaging PortfolioAXT Logo
February 11, 2015AXT Establishes Preclinical Imaging Portfolio with MR SOLUTIONS Product LinesAXT Logo
December 10, 2014Rigaku Thermal Analysis Products Available Through AXTAXT Logo
December 2, 2014SELFRAG Revolutionises Incinerator Slag RecyclingSELFRAG Logo
October 28, 2014AXT Commission TESCAN Automated Minerals Analyser at CSIROAXT Logo
October 1, 2014YXLON Copenhagen Launches the SMART EVO Series Radiographic GeneratorsAXT Logo
September 17, 2014New Collaboration Set to Revolutionise Silicon CrushingSELFRAG Logo
August 28, 2014AXT to Distribute Thermo Scientific Surface Analysis and Microanalysis ProductsAXT Logo
August 6, 2014Rigaku launches the XtaLAB PRO series of single crystal X-ray diffraction HPAD-based systemsRigaku Logo
August 4. 2014
Curtin University Order TESCAN SEM-Based Minerals Analyser from AXT
AXT Logo
July 14, 2014Australia’s Highest Power X-Ray Diffractometer Installed at the University of QueenslandAXT Logo
June 5, 2014
AXT Successful with Bid to Supply University of South Australia with A Rigaku Micro Diffractometer
AXT Logo
May 27, 2014AXT Appointed Official SELFRAG Distributor in Australia and New ZealandAXT Logo
May 13, 2014AXT and Delmic Sign Distribution Agreement for Correlative Fluorescent and CL Microscopy ProductsAXT Logo
April 23, 2014AXT Wins Tender to Supply CSIRO with TIMA Automated Minerals Analysis SystemAXT Logo
April 1, 2014Rigaku Launches New 2D Photon Counting X-ray Detector for Diffraction StudiesRigaku Logo
March 25, 2014TESCAN and Witec Launch Raman Imaging Scanning Electron Microscopy (RISE)Tescan Logo
March 19, 2014Rigaku Corporation presents the Smart Sample Loading System for Use on Its ZSX Primus Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray SpectrometersRigaku Logo
March 6, 2014AXT Launches A New Website Dedicated to X-Ray TubesAXT Logo
March 3, 2014Fujifilm Appoint AXT as Exclusive Industrial Film Distributors in AustraliaAXT Logo
February 25, 2014Applied Rigaku Technologies Presents Latest EDXRF Instrumentation at Pittcon 2014Rigaku Logo
February 10, 2014AXT to Showcase NDT Solutions at AOGAXT Logo
February 3, 2014Rigaku Launch New X-Ray Microscope at ACMM23/ICONN2014AXT Logo
February 3, 2014University of Queensland Order High Powered XRD from AXT/RigakuAXT Logo
January 15, 2014TESCAN Introduce Automated Loading System for SEM-Based Minerals AnalyserAXT Logo