Webinars – AXT Webinar Series

New products, technologies and their related applications are evolving very rapidly and this is particularly the case in science. To help keeping Australian researchers abreast of the latest developments, AXT have initiated a webinar series. These webinars will source international presentations that will help ensure local researchers are aware of the latest analytical developments and their applications.

We are working to generate a regular schedule of webinars to help give you visibility of the latest developments in your field. Best of all, there is no charge to attend our webinars and you can attend from your own desk or lab at times that are tailored for Australian researchers.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

DateTitle Sponsor
October 11New Nanofabrication Technology Opens Up New research PossibilitiesAXT Register Now Button Delmic correlative microscopy products
October 18Buffer Exchange for Biologics FormulationAXT Register Now Button
October 19Rapid and reliable Lamellae Lift Out -
TEM Specimen Preparation
AXT Register Now ButtonKleindiek micromanipulators

We host our webinars via Zoom. You can access them via the internet or by phone.

Once you have registered, you will be sent login details and details so that you can simply add the details toy our calendar. We recommend that you prepare to login to the webinar 10 minutes before the scheduled commencement time.

After the webinar, we may send you a survey so you can provide feedback on the webinar and you can suggest topics for future webinars.

Please also feel free to suggest topics that you would like covered in future webinars.