2010 Geno/Grinder®  – Plant and Animal Tissue Homogeniser and Cell-Lyser

The 2010 Geno/Grinder®, the ultimate plant and animal tissue homogeniser and cell-lyser features an adjustable clamp that accommodates a variety of sample formats ranging from deep-well titer plates to centrifuge tubes. Its high-throughput capabilities allow it to process up to four – deep-well titer plates or up to sixteen – 50mL centrifuge tubes simultaneously. The Geno/Grinder is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, lysis, and tissue homogenisation while preserving temperature sensitive samples with Kryo-Tech® accessories. Patent Confirmed.

Typical Sample Types

Typical samples include:

  • Plant and Animal Tissues
  • Cell Cultures
  • Seeds
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria


  • Automated mechanical disruption ideal for high-throughput applications involving sample preparation for DNA, RNA, and protein extractions, pesticide residue analysis, and more
  • Equipped with digital timer, lockdown lid, and safety interlock for operator protection.
  • Patented laboratory mill designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking of deep-well titer plates, vial sets, and centrifuge tubes
  • Optional Kryo-Tech Accessories enable cryogenic grinding and preserve temperature sensitive samples for DNA/RNA and protein extractions
  • Optional Adjustable Clamp holds up to six deep-well titer plates, multiple centrifuge tubes, and other large grinding vials
  • Strong vertical clamp movement of 500-1750 strokes/minute ensures that grinding media directly impact the sample each and every time
  • Typical sample processing time of 1-2 minutes


Timer/ControlsDigital display in Minutes:Seconds (max 20:00)
Clamp Movement1.25in (3.2cm) vertical
Clamp SpeedAdjustable from 500-1750 strokes/minute
Dimensions15.00 in (38.1 cm) wide x 20.49 in. (52 cm) deep x 25.25 in.(64.1 cm) high
Net Weight (lbs)87 lbs (39.5kg)
Gross Weight (lbs)115 lbs (52.2kg)
Motor1/3 hp
CE ApprovedYes

Preparing Plant and Animal Tissue Samples Using the 2010 Geno/Grinder

2189 Adjustable Clamp for the 2010 Geno/Grinder

How to Use the 2189 Adjutable Clamp

Using the 2010 Geno/Grinder for the QuEChERS Method

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